Joshua Kane Mixes Horror with Humor at the PAC

Published on Oct. 30, 2012

By. Casey So Hyeun Cho

Joshua Kane performs his Gothic at Midnight

Joshua Kane performs his Gothic at Midnight
                 Photo by Casey So Hyeun Cho

The front row seats of the PAC were quickly filled at Joshua Kane’s Gothic at Midnight, last Friday, Oct. 26.

Kane and the director of PErforming Arts Center, Pat Ferlo, waited 10 years to make this show happen at the University at Albany, according to Kim Engel, the assistant director of Performing Arts Center.

At the beginning of the show, Kane introduced himself and expressed that the roots of his interests in gothic stories began in his childhood

One of the stories that Kane told the audience was the tale of Totangunak, which gave the audience some tips to avoid babysitting.

For each plot, Kane switched seats so that audience could follow the transition of the story.

Kane, a classically trained actor with a passion for dark literature and a loathing of smokey rooms, performed classics from various authors such as Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe and Ambrose Bierce.

Interaction between the audience and Kane was a crucial factor in his performance.

To the audience members who were late for the play (due to parking difficulties,) Kane promptly offered them front row seats.

Kane helped the audience use their imagination using only his voice as a tool, with some help from his facial expression, lighting effects and a few stage sets.

the quality of his individual performances is in direct correlation with the mood and audience involvement. The audience did not seem disappointed.

“I actually enjoyed it. I liked the humor in it. I always find that the horror and humor somehow go together,” UAlbany alumnus Lisa Suto said. “And I liked his interaction with the audience, he was actually talking to the audience.”

Kane researches about the area where he’s going to be performing at in advance. He does so as to avoid offending any members of the audience.

“Fabulous,” Kane said. “The self-selected audience… they were prepared. They became the compose of the play tonight.”

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