Casey Cho: What I read

My morning starts with an alarm on the phone, which leads me to check my text messages. Usually there is one text message that I didn’t get to check the night before: “Good Night! I love you,” from my boyfriend of three years Thomas.

After getting up, I turn on my laptop and play music on Spotify. I get to pick the music depends on my mood. When I am unsure, I usually turn on the top 100 lists. On the way to breakfast, I always pick up a copy of USA Today and the New York Times. I can’t finish those papers thoroughly, but I manage to skim through the front page while I am eating.

On the bus ride to the main campus, I usually listen to calm music to mentally prepare myself for classes. I arrive 20 minutes prior to my class start. I usually check my Facebook and Twitter account until the class starts.

Between classes, I go to the library with lunch to catch up with my readings. I usually get distracted by social media, but I let myself distance from the website pretty easily.

Before the classes end for the day, my world evolves around the textbooks. I am in the bubble. I try to discuss about current news with my friends as much as I can at the dinner table. I always learn something new through the conversations. When I hear the news that I don’t know about I go back to Google and learn about it.

My final destination of the day is the library. I usually have my laptop, textbooks and notes in front of me. My laptop is the top enemy. Instead of researching, I get too distracted by social media. It’s my guilty pleasure as a journalism major. I still get my assignments done, but I could do better.

I constantly check my email through out the day. My personal and school email accounts are the most visited website according to Google Chrome. I check my email more often than I check my phone.

Of course, the hunger must strike me before I get on the bed. Till I fall asleep, I look through pictures of Korean food and wishing I will get to eat it in my dream.