What I can do with a blog


This young five year old girl grew up to be a reporter/ blogger.

I was born in 1992, and I grew up with technology. As I was growing up, all sorts of gadgets were handed to me. My favorite toy was an online forum talking about almost everything. What started out as toys, however, eventually became extension of myself. Who knew people would be able to make a living just writing posts on a website?


Andrew Michael Sullivan is a British author, editor and blogger, public speaker and television pundit resident

As I read Andrew Sullivan’s article “Why I blog,” published November, 2008, in The Atlantic, I shared a lot of commonalities with him. I started to think about what I can do with a blog.

I can reach a wide audience with a blog. Of course, the introduction of tablets and smartphones made this make it easier. For example, I can connect with all of the UAlbany students through the blog “This is College!?” Whether they are UAlbany students or Liberty University students in Virginia, they can reach me as if they are reaching their friends.

UAlbany’s student run newspaper Albany Student Press (ASP) has its own blog. The ASP can reach more audience through its blog. If a student had missed a certain week’s edition, he or she can simply go online to read the stories.

Outside of print reading material, I can be more creative with my blog. I am a creator and editor for my readers. I can entertain, inform or move them. In fact I can tailor content for the target audience. Basically, I can create my own news organization based on my readers needs. It would take some time to get steady readers, but consistency will pay off in the end.