How to write good stories

“Telling True Stories” Part II discusses how to find, research and report topics. The part features Lane Degregory, Jan Winburn, Ted Conover and Isabel Wilkerson

Words that are related to journalism

Words that are related to journalism

I have been a journalism major for my entire college career. I have wrote many stories in different styles, but the only journalism style I haven’t tried so far is narrative stories. This style of journalism requires high interviewing techniques, writing skills and creativity.

The second part of “Telling True Stories” helped me to get started with my profile assignments for the Advanced Reporting class.

Believe it or not, it was a huge encouragement to hear a skilled journalists struggled to write stories when they were first year journalist. At some point in their life, they had to face.

A good narrative stories come from good topics. However, finding a good topic could a challenge.

Through the book “Telling True Stories” part II, I got to hear from experienced and respected journalists. What I found is even skilled journalists faced difficulties while writing narratives.

A journalist Ted Conover as a correction officer

A journalist Ted Conover as a correction officer

In my opinion, all journalists should have their own specialties. If a journalist wish to write about business, he or she must have experience in business field, have connections. It doesn’t mean the one should be a CEO. It was interesting to see Ted Conover thought about moving his way up as a correction officer. The boundary is very blur it could be crossed easily.

As an international student from South Korea, writing stories on different culture excites me. When I find out differences and similarities of any cultures from mine, I almost shake when I take it to my word document.

One of the reasons that I chose to be a journalism major is that I like to meet new people. I truly enjoy people and write a story about them. As I get better at interview and writing, I will be able to fulfill my task more easily and go further with my story.