Process of writing narrative stories

After building a base for a story, which includes picking a subject, theme and mood of the story, the next step would be constructing a structure of the story. If straight news would be inverted pyramid style, the narrative style would be regular triangle.

As I was reading Part IV of “Telling True Stories,” I realized writing a narrative story is similar to the building a house. The process of writing a story goes find a base, construct a structure and finish the craft with ending.

According to Jon Franklin all story structures have three layers:

“The top layer is what actually happens- the narrative. The next layer is how those events make the main character feel. There is another layer below the factual and the emotional. It is the rhythm of the piece and evokes the story’s universal there: love endures, wisdom prevails, children mature, war destroys, prejudice perverts.”

Jon Franklin

Jon Franklin

In order to tell true stories, the readers must be able to see through character’s eyes. A readers’ feelings shall be joined the characters’ in the story.

Stories will eventually come to an end once it connected with the subjects. Bruce Desilva tell us the function of the ending. The ending must do four things: signal to the reader that the piece is over, reinforce your central point, resonate in your reader’s mind after he or she has turned the page, and arrive on time.

Since the writers must know where they are going with the story, it is better for the writer to write the rest of the piece. Without the destination, the structure of the story will weaken.