How to survive in journalism field

A movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” will be released on Christmas this year. I already fell in love with the movie just by watching the trailer. The storyline was so interesting that I researched about the movie. The movie is originally from a short fiction on The New Yorker magazine.

My first reaction to this news was, “Wait, it was just a short story on the magazine. But the film maker is making a movie out this?” This is a perfect example of the victory of journalism. The last chapter of “Telling True Stories” showed me a few ways to survive in journalism field.

I chose to be a journalist because I love talking to people and telling stories. I get excited when people tune into my stories. When Susan Orlean, a former New Yorker reporter and author, challenged me with the question for an aspiring writers, I said “yes” to all.  It is not the easiest job in the world, but I believe it’s the best rewarding job. As Orleans said, “Regardless of the subject’s expertise, we can learn from it.

During Student Ghetto Project

During Student Ghetto Project

I am graduating from college in less than a year. Honestly, I am anxious for the job market right now. I don’t know if anyone would want to hire me. In order to be the desirable job candidate, I just work as hard as I can while I am in college. But still, I feel like something is missing from for me to become the perfect job candidate.

This chapter helped to see the bigger market as a journalist. Jim Collins, a former editor of the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine and Yankee magazine, shared his experience as a freelance writer and gave me a few example of his clients. I liked his US Airways magazine experience. I learn the payments as a freelance writer vary depends on my ability, connections and luck.

To me, I found that one of the valuable traits for any  writers is being a risk taker. For example, Sonia Nazario who wrote a Pulitzer Prize winning story for Feature Writing “Enrique’s Journey” for the LA Times initially became an author of the book extended from the article. To become a good and interesting writer like the contributors from the book “Telling True Stories,” I will need to wake up every morning seeking for stories, keeping my eyes open and going to bed for better adventure next day.