Voice in the newspaper

My Introduction to Journalism class taught me not to have any voice in my story. It wanted crisp clear straight news. As I go on with my journalism major, more and more classes want me to find my style and voice. Frankly, I was quite confused at first. All entry-level journalism classes wanted me to prove I can write hard news, but it seems like the soft news are also important in the newspaper as I go on with my journalism major.

Jack Hart

Jack Hart

I think the balance of the two news styles are very important. If hard news brings clarity while soft news bring humanization to the newspaper. Being able to humanize the story in the newspaper is what really attracts me in the journalism field. A former staff writer for the Washington Post Magazine Walt Harrington this kind of journalism called it “intimate journalism,” which could be defined as in-depth, sophisticated and serious journalism.

The humanized story may attract more readers. Moreover, it may contribute to the bridge between literature and journalism, according to a writing coach Jack Hart. Before the 50s, narrative journalism was not treated as “news.”  The platforms for narrative storytelling were very limited, but now it is flourishing!

Lane Degregory

Lane DeGregory

For the ones who wish to become a skilled narrative story teller, Lane Degregory suggests some daily habits that one may consider inheriting: Talk to strangers, play hooky, read the walls, eat lunch alone, get a life, ignore important people, celebrate losers, hang out at bars (my favorite!), give everyone your phone number, work holidays, grab the stories nobody else wants and look for the bruise on the apple. The tips that DeGregory suggested provoked me to think about how I could implant new habits.

I liked this chapter included a photographer’s point of view on narrative journalism. Molly Bingham, a journalist and film maker, said text and photographs can be a powerful pair. A good photograph worths more than a thousand words. If descriptive texts are included, the story would worth even more.

I believe a photographer is as equally as important as a writer. Photographs are critical elements to any stories. I love taking photographs and I thought about becoming a professional photographer. It is sad when photographers don’t get as much credits that they deserve. In newspaper business, photographers power is very limited. For a story, communication between the editor and writer is important. I think communication between the writer, editor and photographer is critical to the success of the story.